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Graphic Design and Social Media Coordinator
WESTMARC    Glendale, AZ 85305



DATE WRITTEN: 09.07.2020
DATE REVISED: 12.06.2020
REPORTS TO: Digital Marketing and Special Events Manager

WESTMARC’s mission is to promote the West Valley for business attraction and job creation. The organization executes this mission through marketing the region’s assets, quality of life offerings, natural environment, political capital, infrastructure growth and more. WESTMARC’s brand has been built on marketing the West Valley’s assets and positive attributes to promote the region as place of great quality of life and economic opportunity. The purpose of this position is promote WESTMARC’s brand through social media marketing, special event marketing, topical forums, webinars, etc.
The Social Media/Graphic Designer Coordinator is responsible for promoting the West Valley’s brand through WESTMARC’s initiatives for business attraction efforts. This position will coordinate marketing efforts and media opportunities for WESTMARC. This position reports to the Digital Marketing and Special Events Manager and works with the President and CEO, WESTMARC team, and members to position the West Valley for strategic exposure.
Member investments are the foundation of WESTMARC’S financial viability. This position is charged with highlighting members through available WESTMARC promotional mediums. WESTMARC events provide members with key networking and informational opportunities to increase exposure of their organizations. This position will promote WESTMARC events for increased awareness, sales and sponsorship opportunities.
Digital Marketing & Social Media for WESTMARC’s Brand Exposure:
This role requires the candidate to be creative, innovative, multi-media savvy, well organized, possess excellent written communications skills, and experienced Iin graphic design.
Deliver consistent messaging to promote West Valley activities, amenities, assets, etc. Deliver consistent social media messaging to promote WESTMARC Board Members, events, special Summits/Forums, Webinars, etc.

1. Weekly West Valley Promotion/Communication:
• Create and distribute West Valley Highlights - Thursday
• Create and distribute West Valley Gems - Monday
• Weekly Board of Directors/Member promotion – Monday
2. Social media marketing: All WESTMARC initiatives, events, meetings
• Manage and enhance WESTMARC’s social media profile using identified platforms and YouTube site
3. Consistent message delivery on all communication platforms to include social media, YouTube, website, etc.
4. Create graphics for social media posts.
5. Create and brand all marketing materials for all WESTMARC events.
a. Materials include but not limited to:
o Promotional sponsor package
o Event Webpage
o Registration page
o Green Envelope invitation
o Event Program

b. Special Events include:
o WESTMARC Signature Events (5)
o Special topic events (past examples include Healthcare Summit, Opportunity Zone Forum, etc.)
o West Valley Hot Topic Series
o West Valley Industry Spotlight & Job Seeker forum
o West Valley Open for Business, Member focused webinars, etc.

Design marketing collateral in-house for public distribution, i.e. Strategic Plan, West Valley Pipeline Report, etc.
Membership Engagement:
1. Highlight existing members to promote their mission and initiatives, through weekly West Valley Headlines, social media videos/messages, marketing materials, etc.
Represent WESTMARC:

1. Represent WESTMARC at identified events and meetings.
Position Schedule:
1. This is a part-time position, 15 to 20 hours per week.
2. This position will be compensated on a retainer contract basis.
Digital Marketing Requirements:

Requires a Bachelor’s plus a minimum of 2 year developing and implementing social media marketing plans and programs.

Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud as well as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.
Knowledge of different digital platforms, marketing campaign strategies, and technical creativity skills.
Creative, innovative, multi-media savvy, well-organized and must have excellent written communication skills.
A working knowledge of Microsoft products - Excel, Word and PowerPoint is expected and it is important to understand the general characteristics of database software.

Requires strategic thinking with excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to establish working professional relationships.
Professional Intellect
• Demonstrate a strong working knowledge of all operations necessary to ensure that team functions are performed effectively.
• Actively looks for opportunities to improve processes and shares these ideas with the team.
• Experience managing multiple social media platforms.
• Requires strategic thinking with excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to establish working professional relationships.
• Seeks out opportunities to expand related knowledge and skills through formal and/or informal education.
Culture of Collaboration
• Communicate both verbally and non-verbally in a strong, positive and effective manner.
• Consistently demonstrate honesty, integrity and respect for others, role modeling this behavior for others.
• Share knowledge, information and ideas and encourages others to do so as well.
• Be a team player and respect roles of all team players.
• Establish and maintain effective relationships with colleagues and members.
• Demonstrate a high level of personal accountability and follow through on commitments.
• Complete assigned work within acceptable quality standards and established timeframes.
• Adheres to established policies, procedures, standards, guidelines and regulations and interprets these for team members.
• Receive and provides constructive feedback and integrates that information to improve personal and organizational performance.
• Utilize time, equipment and resources effectively.
• Help others understand the financial impact of decisions.

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